The most effective way to solve relationship problems

Progressive Mental Alignment® (PMA) will show you the root-cause of most existing relationship problems and what the solutions are to permanently solve them. There are all kinds of relationships the relationship with our spouses, partners, parents, family, friends, colleagues, etc. The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life.

The never-ending blame game

In most relationship conflicts we blame each other. He or she causes
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The most effective eating disorder treatment

There’s a lot of eating disorder information available, in books as well as on the Internet1. There are countless treatment centers for eating disorders all over the world. They all treat eating disorder symptoms, but do they really heal the root-cause of the problem?

A groundbreaking new approach

An effective eating disorder treatment needs to trace the root-cause of the problem and remove or cure it forever. Is that even possible? Yes, a new approach of eating disorder symptoms has shown that this is possible.

To do so, you don’t even have to go to treatment centers for eating disorders. Most of this new eating disorder treatment you can do
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Resolve the cause of financial issues

We all need money! However, we don’t desire the money itself, but all the beautiful things we can do and buy with it. But why do so many people have problems with money? Why do some people master to continuously live without financial issues, and others have money problems all the time, although they have the same level of education and background?

It’s not the economy or your education

Of course you can blame your financial issues on the bad economy, your lack of education, or because you lost your job. And, to some extent, that may be so. However, we see others in the exact same situation instantly take action and find a way out to master their financial issues one way or the other. So it’s fair to say that it’s obviously not
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Successful migraine headache treatment

HeadacheThere are more than 300 different diagnoses for migraine headaches. This might suggest to you that the cause is known and can be clearly distinguished. Yet, this is definitely not the case! Mainstream science still hasn’t found a uniform explanation for the true cause of migraine headaches. It has become clear, however, that, in contrary to popular belief, heredity plays a far less important role than previously assumed.

Triggering factors

The only thing scientists apparently can agree upon is the fact that there are certain triggering factors that evoke the pain. ‘Stress’ is seen as the main cause. Stress is often expressed by tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, which disturbs the supply and discharge of blood and lymph in the head. Other instigators may be
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The Power of the Subconscious Mind

mindWe hear and read a lot about the power of the subconscious mind, but very little on how it actually works. In this post I will make an attempt to clarify some of the so-called “language rules” of the subconscious, and especially how recently discovered hidden programs (bad clusters) can sabotage your health, success and behavior and how you can easily change this now.

First off, I do not presume to be able to explain the immense complexity of the operating system of the subconscious mind in this article. To get a completely new insight into how the subconscious works and experience the logic of this new explanation, I defer to the book: Desirable Power – by Jacob Korthuis. In this book Jacob Korthuis (pronounced Courthouse) not only explains how the subconscious works, based on his 30+ years of research, but also how it controls the levels of your health, success and happiness. In addition, his book also offers a number of exercises that will allow you to experience the power of the subconscious and the accuracy of Jacob’s discoveries and explanations firsthand. In this post I will summarize the most basic aspects of the subconscious.

The language rules of the subconscious

For educational reasons we will
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What makes PMA so different from other techniques?

Happy businesspeople showing thumbs up signThere are many different therapies, methods and techniques available to help us deal with health, relationship and behavioral problems. A lot of them are really good and effective and a great help for many people. However, new discoveries are made every day in an ever-faster pace. One of the results of the many recent discoveries and researches about our brain is combined in a technique called Progressive Mental Alignment® (PMA).

PMA is not for everybody because it goes a lot deeper than other techniques. It is common knowledge that most people do not search for the objective truth, but for the confirmation of their own
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Treat Depression Without Medication

Treat depression without medicationAccording to the World Health Organisation an estimated 121 million people worldwide suffer from depression1.

With the list of known side effects of primary healthcare medication growing larger instead of smaller2, many look for alternative solutions.

Although depression can be diagnosed and treated, mainstream/primary healthcare facilities don’t seem to have a clear-cut standard about what causes depression3, usually describing the cause of depression in terms like “There are many reasons that cause depression” or “There is no single known cause of depression”. This can make it hard for most to determine how to treat depression in an effective manner and to discover what the best depression cure for them will be.

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